Wash Your Hands!

Ms. Bray was sitting in her chair waiting to start dialysis.  The PCT for the day approached with a bright “Good Morning”!  From his pocket the PCT pulled out a pair of gloves, put them on and began to inspect Ms. Bray’s forearm access.  The PCT then adjusted the bloodlines of the machine and gathered supplies in preparation to initiate dialysis.  Still wearing the same gloves, the PCT performed venipuncture and initiated Ms. Bray’s treatment.  When his charting was completed, the PCT removed and discarded the gloves.  As the PCT approach patient number two, he pulled a clean pair of gloves from his pocket.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Patient safety is the latest healthcare expose.  Patients expect it, healthcare workers want to provide it, and we all think we know how to do it.  The problem is that the simplest action that we can take throughout the day is often overlooked and essentially taken for granted.  Unfortunately, we forget about it and miss the many opportunities to actually carry it out.  Hand washing!

Hand washing is an easy way to prevent the spread of infection.  It protects you and it protects the patient.  Check out NCS Solutions – Wash Your Hands!