Regulatory Compliance

NCS provides expert advice and guidance with regulatory compliance (pre and post survey) related to Federal and State regulations for Acute, Home, Nursing Home and Chronic Dialysis Programs.

Glenda Payne, MS, RN, CNN

Director of Clinical Services

Glenda has more than 40 years’ experience in nephrology as a clinical and regulatory professional, including work with the Texas Department of Health and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a surveyor and nurse consultant.

She was a primary author of state and federal regulatory language and the Federal Interpretative Guidance for the Conditions for Coverage (CfC), and assisted in the development of the 2004 Survey and Certification Guidance Letters for surveying dialysis in nursing homes.

Ms. Payne is uniquely qualified to educate providers on the CfC and to provide a highly efficient and effective “mock” survey experience.



Provide on call Rapid “SWAT Team” Survey Response to regulatory survey’s citation of deficiencies. Expertly and quickly interpret and potentially respond to survey report deficiencies as well as develop customized plans of correction that will be accepted by regulatory authorities.


Proactively prepare dialysis facilities, home dialysis programs, and acute dialysis programs to be “survey ready.” Mitigate provider risk of adverse survey findings and subsequent major citations, requirements for monitoring, fines, and operational delays.


Empower dialysis providers to achieve and sustain compliance with federal and state requirements. Continuously improve care delivery via thorough regulatory compliance education for medical and facility staff.


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