NOW HIRING Health Facilities Evaluator Nurses (HFENs)

You spot them walking in the door! Surveyors! Two of them! OMG, they haven’t been around for three years . . . or has it been longer?? What are they doing here today? Is the unit ready? Hopefully everyone is in protective gear? Will they remember to wash their hands? Is the water treatment system in top shape? Have the checks been done? Are plans of care up to date? When was our last QAPI meeting?

California Department of Public Health is hiring HFENs in 14 regions. Other states are following to “catch up” the ESRD surveys. BE PREPARED! NCS Regulatory Compliance Services can help.

NCS Mock On-Site Surveys: Conducted by an expert former CMS surveyor, customized to fit your organization’s needs, and ensure your facilities are ready. Both “Traditional” and “Core” dialysis survey methods are available.
Insider’s Guide to Working Effectively with Surveyors: Guidance and tips to work efficiently and effectively with regulatory surveyors.
Ready-Access to Regulatory Survey Expertise: “It’s like having the CMS surveyor on my staff.” Our expert team including a former CMS surveyor works collaboratively with your selected staff to implement a customized and prioritized Regulatory Survey Readiness plan for your organization.

For assistance contact NCS at 603-604-8555 or email