NCS Regulatory Consulting

NCS Regulatory Consulting Services empowers dialysis providers to continuously improve care delivery via thorough regulatory compliance education for medical and facility staff.

From a special client: “Our clinic is doing wonderful on the corrective action plan the team developed. Our medical director has been at every one of our weekly governing body meetings and he is the one who wanted everyone to wear these buttons. He insists that it’s because the entire team is committed to the improvements. Thanks for your help with this. It is so important to us.”

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Modality Education and Barriers

NCS Research will present the results from it’s recent study, “Evaluation of Dialysis Modality Education and Barriers in U.S. Dialysis Facilities” during the Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) slide forum, Monday morning February 10th at 8:00 AM. Alex Yang, Director of NCS Research, will present respondents perceptions of the top 3 reasons why more patients are not on home modalities. Not wanting to give away the entire story, staff comfort level with treatment at home may be a driving factor for the low number of patients on home dialysis. If you are going to Atlanta for the ADC, please pop into … Continue reading