Innovation – Past and Future

This past week ANNA celebrated 45 years of Nephrology Nursing (cheers!) and the RPA recently celebrated their organization’s 40 year anniversary! While we tend to look back to recognize the extensive learning curve and team effort, more importantly we also look forward to the future. Our curiosity and innovative thinking pushes us to ask, “What is coming”? In the article “Driving Forces Economic Incentives Sparking New Innovation in Kidney Care”, William Venus, Vice President of Nephrology at ASD Healthcare, looks back at innovations designed and developed during the early years of dialysis therapy. He also looks forward to future innovations. … Continue reading

The Basics of Health Literacy

“When Kenneth was 5, he had to have a minor surgery. Trying to do pre-op teaching, I was using all the skills that I was learning in nursing school. I told him, “In the morning they will come for you with a stretcher…” His eyes got very big, and he asked, “How far will they stretch me”?”

Health literacy means that the information and messages related to our health are understood. Health literacy has been touted as the best way to ensure that patients are engaged and actively participating in their healthcare. However, more than 90 million Americans have … Continue reading